Sustainable Development Goals – Enhanced monitoring through the familY of copErnicus Services


Sustainable Development Goals – Enhanced monitoring through the familY of copErnicus Services

Uncovering SDGs-EYES

SDGs-EYES is aimed at boosting the European capacity for monitoring the SDGs based on Copernicus through building a portfolio of decision-making tools to monitor those SDG indicators related to the environment from an inter-sectoral perspective, aligning with the EU Green Deal priorities and challenges.

Facilitate access and increase usability of EO information

Improve reliability, robustness and accuracy of SDG indicator 

Advance stakeholder capacity on UN SDG indicators 

SDGs-EYES exploits and combines data from Copernicus’s six core services to develop more accurate SDG indicators.

Through a Pilot-driven approach, the project demonstrates Copernicus-enhanced measurement for six indicators, in addition to the formulation of a cross-goals indicator to explore the exposure of vulnerable communities under cumulative climate extreme hazards.

SDGs-EYES considers the following SDGs

The overarching objective of SDGs-EYES is to demonstrate the feasibility of tailored services, making them available to and exploitable by users to quantify selected indicators from three interconnected UN SDGs.

Indicators addressed

Number of deaths, missing persons and directly affected persons attributed to disasters per 100,000 population

Net Green-house Gas emissions from the LULUFC sector

Mean near surface temperature deviation

Indicators addressed

Global mean seawater
surface acidity

Marine waters affected by eutrophication

Indicators addressed

Share of forest area

Estimated soil erosion by water

Get to know the Consortium

The SDGs-EYES will be implemented by 10 partners who cover different disciplines. The consortium will strongly rely on collaboration, cross-fertilisation, and knowledge integration.


SDGs-EYES has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Programme for research and innovation under project number 101082311. | Legal | Credits