Climate security

Sahel countries


Number of deaths, missing persons and directly affected persons attributed to disasters per 100,000 population (13.1.1)

Copernicus components



To better understand and monitor the link between climate and security for the Sahel region using a SDG indicator.

Expected results:

Results will show areas where the SDGs-EYES indicator is calculated, highlighting the intersections between natural disasters and human presence, This will allow to estimate the number of people affected, updating the indicator when a new event occurs.

SDGs-EYES partners:


  • SATCEN stakeholders
  • Copernicus Security Service in Support to EU External and Security Actions (SESA)
  • GEO SPACE-SECURITY Pilot Initiative

In the African Sahel, a population of around 100M people lives in an arid land just below the Sahara Desert across the continent from Senegal to Djibouti. In this region, the complex interactions between climate change, food insecurity, and instability are frequently related to the control of critical natural resources like land and water, natural and man-made disasters (e.g. drought and flooding) and other factors like poverty, demographics, and history of violent disputes. Due to the convergence of all these simultaneous presences of threats, Sahel represents a hot-spot scenario to better understand the Climate Security nexus.

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