This deliverable describes the communication and dissemination strategy for the SDGs-EYES project. The strategy serves as a guide to the communication and dissemination team and all project partners with their respective communication departments. Its primary purpose is to showcase how to proficiently communicate, promote and disseminate the project outcomes to a wide range of target groups and stakeholders, enhancing the possibility to advance in the monitoring of SDGs and addressing environmental challenges.

The document identifies the overarching goal and specific objectives of the strategy, presents some key messages that convey the project’s aim and intention, and defines the target groups to be reached through various tools. Additionally, it outlines a timeline and assigns responsibilities to different project partners. The employment of specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help to monitor and evaluate the progress of the activities.

The strategy has been developed in accordance with the Description of the Action (DoA) of the SDGs-EYES Grant Agreement.

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