Community Engagement

SDGs-EYES aims to create a range of data products designed to simplify the tracking and reporting of specific SDGs. These service-oriented products will be developed, showcased, and co-designed in collaboration with a community of users and dedicated stakeholders  within five designated pilot areas

The user engagement in the SDGs-EYES Copernicus-based Service development is integral to the achievement of the project through mobilisation and interaction with the relevant community of users, co-design of the pilot methodologies and services, as well as the facilitation of the uptake of these services. The user engagement is a continuous process that lasts during the project’s lifetime and will be adjusted taking into account input from the various community of users and stakeholders. It is essential to ensure the success of the SDGsEYES project engagement with users but also its uptake. 

Within SDGs-EYES, the stakeholders are international bodies, public authorities, community groups, corporates, interested in the outcomes of the project, but not necessarily active on the co-design of the activities (indicators, methodologies, platform, or pilots). They can become users of the project outcomes within the project timeline (during co-design) or after. Users are active stakeholders during but also after the project lifetime.

In brief: (different user’s needs when designing, developing, and delivering the SDGsEYES services)

  • Users (direct relationship providing needs and challenges, focus interest on data, access, validation): Organisations involved in the co-design activities which provide needs and requirements (they have a direct relationship with the evolution of the indicators calculation methodologies, the metadata used, the “geographical” area of interest, the thematic perspective, the access of the information through the platform, etc. Some of the users share the needs and challenges of their communities and are used to provide access to the secondary, tertiary users (including private sector).
  • Stakeholders (indirect relationship & wide interest on outcomes): Organisations potentially interested in the project outcomes (products, platform, evolution of the services, etc). Stakeholders take part in the uptake exercise of the SDGsEYES services and some of those are identified through the primary or the secondary community expansion.

Engagement of users in the SDGs-EYES Copernicus-based Service development has the aim:

  • to mobilise and interact with the relevant community of users.
  • to assess user needs, support the workflow design of indicators with involvement of users, and collect feedback to the decision support tools in pilots.
  • to facilitate the uptake of the services by users and promote the SDGs-EYES Service tested in pilots, at national and international scale, across vertical markets and amongst key user communities.


SDGs-EYES has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Programme for research and innovation under project number 101082311. | Legal | Credits