Strengthening Sustainable
Development Goals Monitoring
via Copernicus

What is SDGs-EYES?

SDGs-EYES aims at boosting the European capacity for monitoring the SDGs based on Copernicus, building a portfolio of decision-making tools to monitor those SDG indicators related to the environment from an inter-sectoral perspective, aligning with the EU Green Deal priorities and challenges.

SDGs-EYES considers 3 SDGs: on climate (SDG13), ocean (SDG14) and land (SDG15), to demonstrate through four Pilots the Copernicus potential for monitoring six indicators making part of the EU and national assessments: GHG emissions, temperature deviation, ocean acidification, marine eutrophication, forest cover change and soil erosion.

Project key information

  • Project number: 101082311
  • Duration: 36 Months (Starting date: 1 January 2023)
  • EU contribution: HORIZON-RIA
  • Consortium: 10 organisations from 6 countries
  • Coordinator: Fondazione CMCC 

The overarching objective of SDGs-EYES is to demonstrate the feasibility of tailored services, making them available to and exploitable by users to quantify selected indicators from three interconnected UN SDGs.

What is the approach of SDGs-EYES?

SDGs-EYES seeks to combine the science-informed (top-down) approach with a stakeholder-driven (bottom-up) approach to transfer scientific outcomes into easy-to-understand and easy-to-use actionable information in the context of SDG indicators’ assessment.

Decision-making tools delivered by Pilots will be co-designed with users, to offer opportunities to regularly assess and refresh methodologies they adopt for monitoring and reporting.

SDGs-EYES consortium

The SDGss-EYES will be implemented by 10 partners who cover different disciplines.

The consortium will strongly rely on collaboration, cross-fertilisation, and knowledge integration.

The SDGs-EYES project is funded by the European Union | Credits