This deliverable describes the validation and assessment of the first implementation cycle of the five pilots composing the WP5 of SDGs-EYES, describing the activities performed in Task 5.3 “Pilot Demonstration, Validation and Assessment”. The validation has been performed:

  • by the pilot leaders, according to the initial set of requirements proposed at beginning of the project with respect to data access, data preparation, data processing, data visualization capabilities (so called “internal validation”);
  • By the users in user consultation workshops (organized jointly by WP2 and WP5), following a specific schema with respect to the pilot validation (e.g. questionnaire via webinar or remote, feedback sessions in physical workshop (“external validation”).

With respect to the workshops and webinars, in this document a general overview is presented while information about the workshop planning (set-up, dates, type of audience) is presented in D2.3 and the feedback results are presented in D2.4. This document will help to steer the current development of the pilots and it will be updated at the end of the second implementation cycle with feedback on the final version of the pilot services

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