The SDGs-EYES project aims at increasing the use of Earth Observation data in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicators. The project will not only refine existing indicators or develop new ones but will also provide an environment where users can join and develop indicators, refine and publish them to be available to the SDGs’ indicators community. The current document provides a complete description of the environment implemented to support indicators development: it describes the overall architecture, the service implementation details, and the modules deployed on the selected ICT infrastructure, including the occurring costs. As planned within the project proposal documentation, the deployment plan will follow an Agile methodology to run two implementation sprints before the first pilot demonstration (sprint 1.1 and sprint 1.2), and two further sprints to evolve and finalize the platform and services by the end of the project (sprint 2.1, sprint 2.2). This report describes the status of the platform at the end of the second implementation sprint (end of sprint 1.2).

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