The objective of this deliverable is to be the reference point for all the partners in SDGs-EYES project. This project handbook contains all the information related to the project management structure, tasks, responsibilities, procedures at all levels of project implementation focusing on many day-to-day activities. In relation, this document will articulate all the communication means, logistics, and guidelines that will be adopted throughout the life of the project, in addition to the appointment of partner representatives, work packages and tasks’ leaders, and other main points of contacts. This document is a management guidebook
to be adopted within the SDGs-EYES Project.

The SDGs-EYES project handbook is developed as a living document to be utilised by all partners to promote cooperation and communication by detailing all the rules, guidelines, and standards of the daily work. The aim is that all the partners within the consortium have a unified comprehension of the various procedures and methods to be adopted with the project. This document will result in making all the project management efforts to be at a high level of efficiency and quality.

All the guidelines and rules articulated in this document shall be followed as the mechanisms to be adopted by the project consortium.

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