Figure 1 – Spectral satellite imagine depicting forest parcels

In a significant move towards sustainable development, Brașov is set to host two landmark events that symbolize the intersection of environmental stewardship and advanced climate action: the 11th International Symposium on Forest and Sustainable Development and a collaborative workshop with the Forest Paths project. This convergence in Brașov not only showcases Romania’s dedication to sustainability but also highlights the pivotal role of the SDGs-EYES project in driving forward the global agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through cutting-edge research and collaborative initiatives. By aligning with projects like Forest Paths, SDGs-EYES extends its impact into the critical areas of climate science and forest conservation, underscoring the importance of data-driven decision-making and international cooperation in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable forest management. 

Representatives from the SDGs-EYES project will be actively participating in both the 11th International Symposium on Forest and Sustainable Development and the collaborative workshop with the Forest Paths project, highlighting their central role in linking environmental sustainability efforts with the broader objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The symposium, aimed at fostering dialogue among forest science disciplines, will see SDGs-EYES contribute to discussions on how to improve the quality and representativeness of indicators for three interconnected SDGs, demonstrating the potential of Earth Observation data, tools, and platforms. Our presence in such events underscores the project’s commitment to promoting a multifaceted approach to sustainability challenges.

Parallelly, the Forest Paths workshop, set for 17 May 2024, will benefit from SDGs-EYES’ insights into the role of climate sciences in achieving climate neutrality. This event is pivotal for outlining the European Union’s leadership in climate science, supporting policies for a climate-neutral and resilient society by 2050. SDGs-EYES will share their experiences and data-driven strategies from employing Earth Observation data for environmental SDG tracking, emphasizing on forest monitoring and soil erosion. Our participation is set to underscore the synergy between cutting-edge scientific research and practical policy implementation in the fight against climate change. The workshop presents a prime opportunity for delving into climate science’s nuances and the necessary responses for reaching climate neutrality. It highlights Europe’s commitment to leading global climate action through advanced scientific knowledge and its translation into actionable policies and solutions. SDGs-EYES’ involvement in this workshop will foster essential collaboration and knowledge exchange, driving forward the ambitious targets of the project.

In bridging the outcomes of these events, SDGs-EYES showcases its pivotal role in sustainable forest management and climate resilience. By integrating satellite data with ongoing scientific research and policy efforts, the project reaffirms its dedication to evidence-based decision-making and international cooperation. The collaboration and knowledge exchange facilitated by these events in Brașov are instrumental in advancing our understanding and implementation of sustainable practices. They represent a collective effort towards achieving the SDGs, particularly those related to climate action and life on land. As we look forward to the insights and advancements these forums will bring, we are reminded of the ongoing commitment required to steward our environment towards a sustainable and resilient future.

For more information, please contact and/or The website for the 11TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM FOREST AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT will be made available soon.