14-May 2024 | 14:00-16:00 CEST – ONLINE

In overall terms, the UN SDGs have an intrinsic safety and security component, as they have been defined with the ambition of moving towards a better society in which safety and security of societies and citizens would be guaranteed.

Enhancing the capacity of relevant stakeholders to achieve the SDGs of relevance for security is one of the operating axes of SPACE-SECURITY, a Pilot Initiative within GEO dedicated to foster EO-based security related activities.

SPACE-SECURITY has been, since its early days, continuously looking at identifying synergies and at developing solutions to improve the safety and security of citizens and societies by exploiting EO data, collateral data and associated technologies, and the SDGs-EYES project will be a representative example of the know-how sharing within suitable partners.

This webinar aims at presenting use cases that address relevant SDGs in different domains interlinked with security (e.g. climate security, water security) to GEO members and beyond. The webinar is open to any interested actor working in these domains to foster dialogue among participants. During the webinar, the audience will have the possibility of providing feedback on the presented use cases.

The event is for free.


14:00-14:10 | Welcome and Introduction to the GEO SPACE-SECURITY Pilot Initiative

Sergio Albani (SatCen)

GEO SPACE-SECURITY Pilot Initiative leader

14:10-14:30 | The SDGs-EYES project and the climate security pilot

Michele Lazzarini (SatCen)

SDGs-EYES Project representative

14:30-15:00 | The GEO EO4SDG Initiative: EO Successes for Human Security

Corena Pincham (NASA), Dimitrios Mentis (World Resources Institute)

GEO EO4SDG Initiative representatives

15:00-15.15 | Loss and damage tracking and DesInventar

Iria Touzon Calle (UNDRR)

UN SDG indicator Custodians Agency

15:15-15.45 | Regional perspectives: AfriGEO and EuroGEO

Kenneth Kasera (AfriGEO Secretariat)

Jean Dusart (EC DG RTD/EuroGEO)

Open questions and final remarks