On May 14th the webinar Exploiting Earth Observation (EO) capabilities to address SDGs indicators for the safety and security of the citizens was held. The webinar, organized by SatCen within the SDGs-EYES project and in collaboration with the GEO SPACE-SECURITY pilot initiative, presented different use cases addressing relevant SDGs in different domains interlinked with security (e.g. climate security, human security, water security, energy security). 

Speakers from SatCen, NASA, World Resources Institute, UNDRR, AfriGEO and EuroGEO covered different aspects related to SDGs, from policies to real applications, passing through R&I activities. 

The event, which recalled around 60 attendees coming from institutions, industry and academia, also offered the opportunity to the audience to provide feedback on the climate security use case under development within SDGs-EYES. The “Climate security” pilot aims at supporting the estimation of the SDG indicator 13.1.1 “Number of deaths, missing persons and directly affected persons attributed to disasters per 100,000 population”, showing how EO data can become key to address critical situations in vulnerable regions.

The feedback collected during the event will be taken into consideration in the next phases of the pilot development.